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How I failed at the 100 Happy Days challenge 

So if you read my blog you’d have seen at the beginning of the year I decided that I would post on Twitter one thing that’s made me happy everyday.

At first it felt new, exciting and I looked forward to doing my happy days post but as things go when you’re a busy working mum, life tends to get in the way and you don’t always remember everything.

The main thing I noticed each evening when I was deciding on my post was that there were several things that had made me feel happy or smile most days. Most of those things revolved around Ollie and Jay my fiancée.

I realized it’s truly the little things that are the big important things. Love, gratitude and happiness play a big part in my life and well being. A smile and cuddle from Ollie at the end of a tough day can make all of the stress melt away.

Staying up late chatting with Jay or snuggling up, watching a film and making time for each other can mean so much. We live in such a fast paced world where we’re constantly thinking of the next thing we need to do or work towards, that we forget to live in the now and it’s being in the moment where you really feel things.

On the day I forgot to post my happy moment for the day I was spending the evening with a friend. Staying up late chatting and about everything; businesses, blogging, social media, children, weddings the list goes on. I was so engrossed in the moment and enjoying the evening I forgot to post about it.

The next day when I realized what had happened I laughed because it seemed so ironic. I was having such a good time I forgot to post about it but that is exactly what the challenge is about. I felt slightly annoyed at myself but then I thought why do I need to validate my happiness on Twitter? It doesn’t make it any less true or make me feel any less happy.

So since then, every night before going to bed I think to myself what has made me happy each day and be grateful for it. I don’t need to post it, I can just feel it and that’s what’s most important.

So whilst I may have failed at the official challenge I choose to win at my own happiness.




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