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How to cope with a toddler when you’re sick

Being a toddler mum, the worst thing that can happen during these deep, dark Winter months is becoming sick. This time of year when it’s super cold and rainy I guess it’s inevitable, at some point, you will indeed catch the dreaded lurgy.

I’ve been teetering on the edge of a cold for about three weeks and this week it’s fully imploded. The last 24 hours have been exhausting. Between work and looking after Ollie I ache all over and have created a sculpture of used tissues in a mountain next to the bed.

Thank goodness for albas oil, heat lotion and vicks! If you’re unable to off load your child onto supportive family members – take as many drugs (legal of course) as possible to numb the aches & pains.

Snuggle up in bed or on the sofa with lots of snacks and watch TV whilst your toddler plays. Leave any inessential house work, try to conserve energy and sleep when your toddler sleeps.

If you don’t have to leave the house live in pjs & cosy socks, keep warm and drink lots of water and hot beverages.

Take the chance to rest when you can, don’t go to work if you’re ill, no one wants to catch what you have, you’re not going to be productive and if you’re little one is usually in childcare – take advantage of this time to rest and recoup.

Being a mum is tough enough without being sick, take the time to look after you so you can look after the little ones. You can’t pour from an empty cup!




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