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Making positive life changes

At the moment I’m kind of in limbo, I’m at a crossroads in my career and have decided to take a risk and jump into the unknown. . .

Basically my work is going through yet another restructure and it looks like I will be taking redundancy. Whilst this was, at first, a massively scary thought which sent me into a mad panic of – shit I have a life to pay for,  plus the fact that we are planning a wedding in 3 months time and trying to buy a house, I feel surprisingly okay.

Now the dust has settled I’m seeing the positives – it’s an opportunity to explore my options, think about what I want to do  and well, do it! That’s the plan anyway.

It’s thrown yet another curve ball at 2017 but hey why be boring? I am putting my faith in the universe to hear my positive vibes and see me on my way to a brighter future. I’m nervous but excited at the same time.

I can feel there are lots of good things coming my way this year and I think at least one of them will be to do with spreading positivity. I’ll keep you updated.



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