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New Year New Goals

I fricking love a new year, it’s full of positivity, hope, dreams of new beginnings and new goals. I definitely noticed that everyone seems to turn on the positive on New Year’s Eve which is awesome. Facebook posts were full of people sharing their highlights of 2016, despite it being a year of unexpected turn outs and some people had lost loved ones, everyone still focused on something positive.

It got me thinking – why do most people only do this once a year? We should all be focusing on what has made us happy everyday and be grateful.

So I’ve decided to start the year by doing the 100 happy days challenge where every day you post a picture and write something that has made you happy that day for 100 consecutive days.

Apparently 71% of people who start this challenge don’t complete it due to lack of time. To me that seems crazy, we live in a world where we are probably busier than ever before but to not have time to actually be happy seems wrong and not what life is about.

I feel like this is a super positive way to start the year and putting more happiness and gratitude out into the universe can only help with my other goals for 2017.

So on the list this year my goals are:

Continue to grow my blog

Get married in April

Buy our first home

Have more adventures with Ollie

Book a holiday

And I’m sure some more things will crop up along the way. 2017 will also be the year I turn 30 and what I’ve learnt from life so far is that a lot of things don’t really matter, like clothes, labels and well materialistic things. It’s the little things that count; spending time with your loved ones, cuddles with Ollie after a hard day, 5 minutes to yourself with a cup of tea (of course I had to get tea in there – life’s small yet significant pleasures). But most of all to love and to be happy is the greatest gift anyone can hope for in a new year!

So here’s to an amazing 2017 and may yours be filled with love and happiness!

Find out more about the 100 happy days challenge.

Checkout my post on How to use gratitude for a happy and positive life.



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