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How to bring some Xmas Winter chic into your home on a budget

It’s December, it’s cold outside, we’ve had the first few frosts and we’re officially in the run up to Xmas. Eeek I’m so excited!

This weekend we bought our brand new Xmas tree, a 6.5ft snow effect beauty because, well, they’re just so pretty! I love the idea of bringing a bit of winter chic inside the home to add some style to the decorations.

Of course you’ve probably guessed she’s a fake one, I’ve always had fake Xmas trees and like that they’re adaptable and you don’t have to worry about all of the mess – total bonus if you’re a mum!


I simply had to go shopping for some new decorations as I wanted to really focus on a white & silver winter chic theme. I ventured all over town with Ollie in tow trying to find some sparkly gems to adorn our tree. Turns out there’s a lot of tacky out there but you can get some great high street bargains if you root about a bit. I got our silver beads and star lights from Poundland – total bargains!

Of course having a two year old I didn’t want to get any expensive or delicate decorations as I’m fully expecting the bottom half of the tree to be destroyed by the time we reach New Years. So I stuck to the high street.

Here’s a few pics of my favourites:

Totally love this soft star from Wilko’s I thought it was nice to add some blue touches to bring out the winter wonderland theme.

I think this might be my all time favourite tree decoration! I got a pack of three from Paperchase, if you like something stylish and a bit different they have a great range of Xmas decorations.

I got these beautiful silver baubles from TJ Hughes, they were meant to be two packs  (3 in a pack) for £5 but at the checkout they were half price.

I think it’s nice to spread a bit of Xmas and winter chic around the house so when I was in Poundland I also picked up these mini white trees and some star fairy lights. They look really lovely all lit up and great value for just £1.

So there you have it my few tips on where to grab a Winter wonderland bargain this Xmas to add to your decorations. How are you styling your home this season?



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