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How to bring hygge into your life

Writing this post I’m currently snuggled on the sofa in cosy socks and a fluffy Dunelm throw – you know those teddy bear ones that are just divine! I have candles burning with the lights off and enjoying a glass of wine.

I have recently discovered hygge, which is a Danish concept and kind of translates to being cosy and indulging in the moment whether that be alone or with family and friends. Hygge is currently having a bit of a moment, a lifestyle trend that the UK is taking to heart – especially now the weather has turned cold.

It’s pronounced like hue-gah although I quite like hooga which I kept saying for a good while. Hooga, hooga, hooga.  I totally resonated with the concept and realized I already do a lot of hygge things in my life. I’m totally one for chilling and getting snuggled up all cosy but the real hygge lifestyle you continue that feeling all the time and all year round.

I decided to research more into this concept and bought ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ which goes into more depth about this amazing Danish custom. Even after reading a few pages I felt more hyggeligt. I immediately wanted to replace all lights with candles and overhaul my entire home to represent a Danish interiors magazine – their home decor is just to die for!

Basically since I heard about this way of life I have fully embraced it and want to share how you can introduce some hygge into your life too.

Candles – it’s all about creating the right atmosphere and who doesn’t love a scented candle? Plus that lovely warm glow makes it feel extra homely.

Get cosy – think blankets, throws and cushions, anything to make you feel super comfortable. Also big chunky knits, lounge wear, oversized jumpers and cosy socks.

Be present -hygge is about being in the moment. Forget your troubles, the endless list of household chores and just be. Allow yourself to feel the warmth, smell the scented candles and savour the taste of your food. More importantly put your phone down and engage with your friends and family.

Enjoy friends & family – the weather in Denmark tends to be quite cold and so they spend their time getting together, snuggling up around the fire chatting and enjoying each others company.

Food & drink – Danish families make an occasion out of their meals, families and friends sit round the table and eat together. Hygge is about being kind to yourself and giving yourself a treat. Really enjoy having some cake, sweets or hot chocolate and forget about your diet.

Gratitude – hygge is about savouring the moment and the simple pleasures of life. Being truly grateful for your life right now will bring you happiness.

So this is what I know about hygge so far and I hope I’ve inspired you to introduce some hygge into your life too. If I’ve sparked you’re interest on the Danish way of life you may be interested in my blog How to live a more Danish lifestyle.

Denmark has been voted the happiest country to live in for the last 40 years and hygge has a lot to do with it, I’d say that’s definitely a reason to give it a go.



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