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A night of yoga with Hannah Presence

I’m a big yoga fan and have practiced for a good few years now mainly at home with dvd’s and over the last year using an app called Yoga Studio. I find this approach really suits me as I can fit it in around Ollie and then focus on exercise when I get pockets of time.

My friend Chloe who is a fabulous jewellery designer – check out her Etsy shop invited me to go along to a yoga class with her teacher Hannah Presence.

Having never really done a class with other people I felt quite nervous, I always feel more anxious exercising in front of other people *hands over face*.  But it was actually a really relaxed atmosphere and was easy to settle into the class. Also a good excuse to whip out the yoga pants – aren’t they just sooo comfy???

The class was more involved than the yoga I normally do at home and it was great to push myself out of my comfort zone and I definitely felt like I had a really good workout. I ached for two days after! But it’s also given me the kick I need to work on my flexibility and strength. Like so many other things you need to practice everyday or at least regularly to improve and be able to do the harder positions.

Hannah has been doing yoga for several years and qualified as a teacher in Thailand in 2015. Her supportive approach is open to all types of people and she really helps you get the most out of her classes. Whether it’s getting you to focus, helping you nail the position or guiding you to truly be in the moment.

Hannah also does one to one sessions which I may try out to help me further my yoga ability.

I personally turn to yoga to not only help me improve my core strength but to help me with mindfulness. Even doing 15 minutes of yoga a day helps me to connect with myself and take time away from the craziness of the day. I can focus on my practice and truly disconnect from the stresses of life and I always feel better having got some mind space and inner calm.

If you’re interested in going along to one of Hannah’s classes ( I totally recommend doing so!) check out her website.

I definitely have some yoga goals I want to achieve over the next year so I’ll keep you posted!



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