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How to drink more water on a busy schedule 

Being a working mum I am always on the go, I have a constant never ending list of things that need to get done: cleaning, laundry, food shopping, nursery runs etc sometimes it feels like I just have too many tabs open in my mind! Does anyone else feel like this?

My focus is always on Ollie first so when it comes to taking care of myself that normally takes a back seat. If I get a chance to sit down for five minutes I normally take this opportunity to have a tea. It’s warm, comforting and cosy – however it’s also dehydrating!

One thing I always let slide is my water intake and I think your recommended daily allowance is 2 litres or 8 large glasses of water per day. I mean who has the time to constantly keep track of which glass they should be drinking when?

So when I came across Hydrate M8 I knew this was perfect for me and probably for all mums with a busy schedule.

What is it? It’s the frigging answer to your hydration prayers! It’s actually quite simple – it’s a water bottle with the times of day written on it.

How does it work? I use it by filling up the bottle and leaving it in the fridge overnight as I prefer to drink really cold water. Then you follow the time schedule on the bottle, it shows you how much water to drink by a certain time so you can follow this through the day. You then re-fill the bottle and follow the times again until 6pm. I normally then fill it up again and have a bit in the evening.

It sounds sooo simple and it is, I love it as I can take it anywhere with me and it has a straw which means minimum spillage, especially when my two year old gets hold of it.

All of the bottles are super sleek, really durable and come with motivational quotes and encouragement on the side to help you keep drinking.

Since using the Hydrate M8 bottle for the past two months I’ve used it everyday and have found my energy levels have really improved especially first thing in the morning. I also haven’t had as many headaches and feel my skin is slightly brighter now.

This is actually not a sponsored post, I just discovered this bottle and it’s honestly helped me so much with drinking more water that I just wanted to share it with everyone. So definitely go get yourself one!

You can get a Hydrate M8 bottle here.



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