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Ten reasons why Autumn is the best season 

Yesterday, Ollie and I spent a glorious morning in Mote Park, it’s a lovely big park near where we live with a big lake, a children’s playground and vast areas of space. Basically the perfect place to get lost with your toddler!

The sun was shining brightly, the air was crisp and as I walked along pushing the pram through crunchy leaves I was completely in the moment. I thought to myself ‘This is Autumn’ -there’s nothing better than getting out in the morning sun when it’s a bit chilly so you can wrap up warm.

I totally love this time of year and here’s ten reasons why Autumn is simply the best season:

  1. Wrapping up warm! I’m a cold soul, I always have cold hands and feet and I keep snuggly throws on my sofa all year round. I love being able to wrap up warm it’s just such a nice feeling.

2) Hot chocolate, for some reason it only seems acceptable to drink hot chocolate when it’s cold. Who doesn’t love a cheeky hot chocolate with some whipped cream & marshmallows? I’m totally waiting for Costa to bring out their Black Forest gateaux hot chocolate for Xmas, casually forgetting it’s like your recommended daily calories in one cup- oh fuck it! I mean who cares when it tastes that good.

3) Scarves!!! I mean who doesn’t love a scarf?

4) Chunky knits, I love nothing more once the cold weather hits, than rocking an over-sized, chunky knit. They’re comfy, cosy and look great!

5) Leaves, you know it’s full on Autumn when the trees have reached that beautiful orange, red, yellow colour. Crispy leaves pile up under the trees and you can kick them with total satisfaction – ahhh happy face! Walks in the park become adventures; finding sticks and foraging for conkers.

6) Hygge, you can fully indulge your Danish alter ego and get super cosy. Snuggle up on the sofa, light some candles and treat yourself to some well deserved personal time. Read more about hygge in my post How to live a more Danish lifestyle.

7) Cosy socks– do I need to say more?

8) Boots – ankle boots, knee boots, ugg boots this type of shoe is your foots Winter oyster! I mean why bother with shoes? Most of the time I switch from flip flops to boots – they are so comfy and integral to your Autumn wardrobe. I’m currently loving the selection at Zara.

9) Staying in, it’s dark and cold outside so staying in totally trumps going out at the weekend. There’s great TV on and you can curl up with your hot chocolate or bottle of wine – winning!

10) The run up to Christmas! I hate to be ‘that’ person but you’ve got to admit you’ve already started to think about presents. We’ve still got two months but who isn’t looking forward to seeing the John Lewis advert? Also you can get Snow Fairy from Lush again! Read more about the amazing Snow Fairy on my post 5 reasons to love lush. 

So there you have it my ten reasons why Autumn is awesome. Which is your favourite season and why?




8 thoughts on “Ten reasons why Autumn is the best season 

  1. Autumn fashion is the best – I love scarfs and gloves I have way too many hahahaha! Also I’m totally with you with the hot chocolate and cream – scrummy. I love when there’s a slight frost and it makes walking on all the leaves crunchy! #twinklytuesday

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  2. I love Autumn because I love when it starts getting dark and like you, I am a cold soul at heart. i love a good excuse to pull the hat, scarf and gloves out. I love when we get to October because it seem’s all the ‘fun’ holidays come around and it’s perfect for family time! #twinklytuesday

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