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Ollie’s OOTD – park life

I love nothing more than spending a gorgeous sunny day at the park, the air was fresh and hot in the sun but it was windy. A perfect day for jeans & jumpers.

Autumn is now in full swing and it was so lovely to see the leaves falling off the trees and all the wonderful colours glistening in the sunshine.

I also love being able to get Ollie outside in a big open space where he can just run free. He’s such a little boy now obsessed with trees and finding sticks to carry and throw about, everything is a new discovery and exciting.


 How much are you loving Ollie’s model poses – he’s totally the next Kate Moss!

Even though Autumn is definitely upon us the weather is so up and down at the moment and it’s hard to dress Ollie for any weather condition. So for practicality I went with jeans, a light weight jumper and sandals.

JeansMatalan £8

JumperRiver Island £12 (£5 in the sale total bargain!)

SandalsPrimark £2.50 (sale)

Mr Men Bib – gift

What are you dressing your toddlers in this season?



2 thoughts on “Ollie’s OOTD – park life

  1. Lovely to see you all enjoying the park! We love being outdoors too even on chilly days! Dressing for the weather is a hard one at the moment with the weather being so cold in the morning and sunny in the afternoon! Our faves are jeans, short sleeve top under a thin jumper with trainers or boots. We are heading outside tomorrow but not decided where yet!

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