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A night of yoga with Hannah Presence

I’m a big yoga fan and have practiced for a good few years now mainly at home with dvd’s and over the last year using an app called Yoga Studio. I find this approach really suits me as I can fit it in around Ollie and then focus on exercise when I get pockets of time.… Continue reading A night of yoga with Hannah Presence

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How to drink more water on a busy schedule 

Being a working mum I am always on the go, I have a constant never ending list of things that need to get done: cleaning, laundry, food shopping, nursery runs etc sometimes it feels like I just have too many tabs open in my mind! Does anyone else feel like this? My focus is always… Continue reading How to drink more water on a busy schedule 

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Ten reasons why Autumn is the best season 

Yesterday, Ollie and I spent a glorious morning in Mote Park, it’s a lovely big park near where we live with a big lake, a children’s playground and vast areas of space. Basically the perfect place to get lost with your toddler! The sun was shining brightly, the air was crisp and as I walked… Continue reading Ten reasons why Autumn is the best season 


How to plan a small wedding

Very exciting news, we’ve only gone and officially booked our wedding! I couldn’t be more excited and there’s only six months to go- OMG!!!   We got engaged three years ago and I started looking at all the big wedding venues around where we live and planning to save for two years to be able… Continue reading How to plan a small wedding

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How to be more positive

A few years ago I hit what some people are now calling a quarter life crisis. Where in your mid twenties you probably have a job but its not the job you want, you’re out of uni with massive debt, your job doesn’t pay what you need it to, you’re not in your ideal living… Continue reading How to be more positive


Avocado and smoked salmon on toast

I feel like I have discovered the perfect healthy lunch snack! Obviously everyone knows that avocado on toast is just delicious but sometimes it can be a tad bland. So in order to sex it up a little bit I experimented with adding smoked salmon. It so simple yet so effective! Advertisements

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30 thoughts on motherhood

Becoming a mummy has absolutely changed my life, completely, in every way. This is something I wrote when Ollie was ten months old and now that he’s just turned two and he normally sleeps through the night it’s still just as true. . . It occurred to me at somewhere between 3am and 4am this morning… Continue reading 30 thoughts on motherhood