How to live a more Danish lifestyle!

So if you hadn’t noticed Denmark is currently having a moment, it’s ‘the’ place to be and to take inspiration from. Having topped the UN’s happiest place to live in the world list this year, we are looking to the Nords for that all important lifestyle inspiration. I’m going to tell you why the Danes have it better and why we should follow their lead in creating a super cosy lifestyle.


En route back home from our August mini break in Dorset I was reading Style magazine and came across an article on hygge. Which by the way is actually pronounced hue-gah. It actually defies a literal translation but basically hygge means being relaxed, cosy and indulging in those things that you truly enjoy. It means cuddling up on the sofa with a soft throw, lighting candles, a glass of wine in hand and treating yourself to some decadent chocolate. I started to read up on hygge and was like hello this is a bit of me!

I feel like I have found my home! Gone are the days of going out in a skimpy outfit freezing my arse off outside some club, I am up for creating a beautiful home that I can hibernate in all Winter with good company, wine, food and keep super warm and cosy.

This all sounded amazing so I started to research more into the Danish way of life and this what I found . . .

Part of the Danish way of life is creating a beautiful environment in your home, think great interiors with less clutter. When you’re looking at something pretty it makes you feel good right? Exactly!

There is a lot of emphasis on family time, the Danish work week is shorter than most at only about 33 hours, most people finish work at 4pm and are then able to relax with a beer. They enjoy being outside and look after their environment, every part of life should be the best it can be and Danes’ aim to fully live in the moment.

There’s no hustle and bustle and in general they have a better work vs life balance. Continuing on the emphasis on family life when you have a baby in Denmark maternity leave is paid for a full year and can be shared between both parents. Furthermore childcare is available from 6 months old and 75% funded by the government. Being a working mum I think this is amazing as its so hard in the UK to juggle work & finances due to childcare being soooo expensive!

Oh and how could I forget – Danish pastries!

I really want to go Denmark for a cosy break away and experience the culture first hand.

What are your thoughts on the Danish way of life?





12 thoughts on “How to live a more Danish lifestyle!

  1. I’ve just ordered myself a copy of Living More Hygge earlier this week as I was curious to see what all the fuss is about. I understand the concept and premise, but really want to understand what that actually means in terms of lifestyle. I cant wait to read it and enjoyed reading your post on it 🙂 Emily #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. I’ve seen that book I think there’s a few around atm let me know what it’s like. I’m definitely going to be looking into it as part of my lifestyle more as I really identify with the concept. Thank you for reading! XOXO


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