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The top 5 reasons to love Lush

I will always remember as a young teenager being drawn towards the Lush store when shopping in Cambridge with my mum (that was my closest store back in the day when I lived in Hertfordshire), not really knowing what it was but the colours drew me in and that iconic Lush smell would waft past the the other stores and peak my interest.

I didn’t actually start using the products until I was about 18 when I discovered the illusive bath bomb! Mind blown! I wanted to share my amazing discovery and I think everyone I knew got a bath bomb gift that year.

Since then I’ve used many a Lush product and I will always come back to them especially the face scrubs and lip balms. My absolute favourite all time product is Snow Fairy which is only available around the Xmas season and I always gift it to myself – it smells soooo good!!!

So here are my top 5 reasons to love Lush

  1. Going to a Lush store is a treat for your senses, it’s colourful, it’s fun, it looks like a sweet shop! It obviously smells incredible and you’re able to try out various products which always leave your skin feeling super soft.
  2. The customer service in store is always top notch. In my local Maidstone store the girls are always so helpful and knowledgeable about the products and you can usually get a cheeky sample.
  3. They use fresh ingredients, they don’t test on animals and they’re environmentally friendly! Win!
  4. The smell, people seem to either love or hate the smell – I love it! To me it’s like a treat going in store and  gifting myself a little bath bomb. I relate it to taking time for myself – and relax!
  5. Buying gifts for others, often at Xmas or for people’s birthdays I will put together a pamper hamper with some bits from Lush or get one of their own gift boxes – don’t they just look amazing? Everyone I know loves getting a Lush bath bomb or a shower gel. I mean who wouldn’t want to smell that good?

So these are my top reasons for loving Lush, do you have a favourite Lush product?



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