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Ten reasons to love tea and biscuits

There’s nothing quite so quintessentially British as sitting down with a cup of tea is there? For me, my bag of choice is Yorkshire Tea, quite frankly it is the best and I never get tired of the taste. I am also partial to a peppermint tea or a spiced apple as it tastes like Christmas, but those would never take the place of my beloved Yorkshire.

My love for tea is deeply rooted as my mother pretty much raised me on tea, as a massive fan herself she consumes on average about ten cups a day, seriously! She loves a teapot where as I am more a brew in a mug kind of gal. Anyway for as long as I can remember getting up in the morning, coming home or someone coming round – all perfectly good reasons for putting the kettle on.

For me I absolutely have to have some biscuits with a tea, they go so well together and yes I admit, I am a dipper! Something cookie -esque or chocolate themed is preferred to add a bit of sweetness to the mix, as I don’t have any sugar in my brew. I decided to write this post as I recently realised how big a part of my life tea and biscuits are – I realise this sounds crazy but I don’t go a day without them, even if we go on holiday the first thing to check is have they got tea making facilities. The first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is have a cup of tea.

Here are ten reasons why a cup of tea is just the best . . .

1) Helps wake you up in the morning and eases the pain of removing the duvet

 2) Warms your hands on a Winters day

3) Makes you feel wonderfully comforted on any occasion

4) Gives you a little caffeine fix without keeping you wired

5) Breaks the ice when meeting someone new, the perfect conversation starter

6) It is actually really good for you and full of antioxidants

7) Gives you ten minutes to sit down, put your feet up and gather your thoughts

8) Is refreshing and relaxing at the same time

9) It’s very low in calories

10) Goes so well with biscuits of course!

I can’t imagine a time when I won’t have tea and biscuits in my life, come rain or shine I know they will always be there for me.

Are any of you also proud quintessentially British tea lovers? How do you like to drink your perfect cup?




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