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Ollie’s outfit of the day

I’ve recently bought Ollie some new clothes for the Autumn season and I just love them. I have to say the Zara toddler section is just amazing at the moment! The clothes are really well made and always so so cute!

This time of year it’s really difficult to dress toddlers as you never know what the weather might do. I mean last Wednesday it was 30 degrees and sunny then last Thursday it was 14 degrees and raining so I’ve decided that layers are key.

This is one of Ollie’s new outfits which is just so cute!!!

So Ollie’s outfit today consists of these super cute grey & black hareem leggings, a long sleeved tee with ‘born to rock’ on, this adorable yellow knitted hoody with bear ears on and black Nike trainers.



Yellow hooded jacket – Zara

Born to rock long sleeved tee- Zara

Grey & black leggings – H&M

Trainers – Nike

I’m definitely loving these colours for Autumn especially the yellow, perfect to brighten up a dull day!

I totally love this outfit as the clothes are really soft and easy for Ollie to move in. He tends to charge around everywhere at the moment being the little rascal that he is, so his clothes always need to be practical and durable.

Where do you shop for your toddler?



8 thoughts on “Ollie’s outfit of the day

  1. Love this outfit! My little boy is 13 months old and finding it tricky at the moment weather wise! I love H&M just bought little navy cords and a cute grey star jumper. Love Next as well. Also the Nutmeg range in Morrisons is lovely! Found some great items in there and when they grow so fast it’s good to get the basics that you don’t mind them charging around in!

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    1. Thank you! I’m a big fan of H & M too oooooh will have to check out the Nutmeg Range in Morrisons. It’s having to get all the items you can layer this time of year isn’t it? Thanks for reading! XOXO


      1. Hi, you are welcome, just found you through twitter and started following ☺ Yes it’s worth a look, it was my mum that got stuff for my older daughter and I liked some of the quirkier styles, my branch doesn’t stock any so I have to visit a bigger store but I need a proper look at the boys stuff to see what there is this season! Oh I also like shopping from Pumpkin Patch uk they have great sales! And also vertbaudet. X

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  2. Oh I don’t have a blog it’s a website with accessories and things ☺ I got muddled and entered it in the website bit then realised it was just for bloggers! I’m new to all this as you can prob tell! X

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