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Family day out in Whitstable

The sun was burning hot, the air was heavy, it was a Monday morning in early September and we were both off work, so heading to the beach seemed like the only sensible option.

Having lived in Kent for a number of years now I’ve often wanted to visit Whitstable but just never got round to it. So off we headed via train in search of some fresh sea air and fish & chips.

After arriving in Whitstable we headed straight for the harbour which was a little ย hub of seafood eateries with many an oyster on offer. There were oyster shells everywhere, at the side of the boats, the beach and piled up in cement bags next to the roads.

Colourful little beach huts lined the edge of the coast adding a quirky fun edge to the rustic setting. Leading on from the harbour we followed a path along the beach front soaking in the breathtaking views. There were a number of cute little alfresco restaurants over looking the beach and a line of absolutely stunning beach houses with gardens and balconies looking out over the sea.

I immediately wanted to move to Whitstable to settle into a shabby chic beach house where I could sit in the garden first thing in the morning and do yoga looking out over the sea. I love being able to be at one with nature and being completely present in the moment.
I could also imagine long Summer evenings relaxing in the garden drinking wine whilst Ollie plays – oh to dream!

The tide was well out and the pebble beach was moderately busy but not crowded. Lots of people were walking along with their dogs. The boats, ropes & lobster baskets added to the rustic charm.

The sea was a glistening turquoise blanket tucked in around the bay which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Med.

After locating some fish & chips we headed to the beach for a picnic bench lunch and enjoyed the views. In that moment it was so hot and the views were so beautiful we could easily have been abroad. Sometimes you can forget how great places in England can be.

The afternoon was spent wandering around the town and coastline, eating ice cream and then we headed back to the harbour for nice cold drink at The Lobster Shack.

Sat outside The Lobster Shack Ollie pondered what it would be like to live in Whitstable with a lovely beach to play on everyday.

It was a lovely place to go to soak up some beautifully rustic seaside charm and I’d definitely go back!



One thought on “Family day out in Whitstable

  1. What a gorgeous day you had!! The sky and ocean are such beautiful colors. Glad that you were able to find your fish and chips, bet they were delish, fresh from the ocean! Yes Ollie did look deep in thought about moving to the sea, what a lovely life that would be. And the image of doing Yoga while looking out to sea just made me want to move there too!! Thanks for sharing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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