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August favourites

I love August, it’s my birthday month and there’s usually a good mix of nice hot weather mixed in with a few downpours of rain; tans and puddles what’s not to love?


This year we had just moved house (not intentionally, but that’s a story for another day!) so it’s been all about settling into our new digs and un-packing boxes which I despise. Nevertheless there’s nothing like a birthday to forget one’s renting woes.

Jay (my Fiancée) treated me to a massage at a local spa and a shopping spree so I felt very spoilt indeed. I decided to treat myself to some new clothes as I rarely get the chance nowadays – all my money tends to go on Ollie. I did the rounds of most of the High Street stores and found that River Island was the only place I really found stuff that I liked. So first on my favourites list is River Island.

River Island


Totally love this cape dress!

Second on my favourites list is this Body Shop body mist in strawberry. I am running very low on my favourite perfume Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolph which I wear most days, so decided to get something simpler to wear everyday and save my Flowerbomb for special occasions. Recently I’ve been more conscious of trying to use mainly natural products so I ventured into The Body Shop in search of something and I found it. I love the smell of this strawberry body mist, it’s sweet without being sickly and subtle so I use it pretty much everyday. Also it’s only £7.50 for 100ml so totally winning on the purse front. It lasts so well too, I’ve been using it everyday and still have loads left.

The Body Shop – Strawberry Body Mist


 Third on my list isn’t a thing really it’s a place – Dorset! This is where my parents now live and I just love going down to visit them as we go to the beach a lot and it’s so nice to get away from our usual surroundings. We’ve just been to visit on a mini break and there’s something so calming about the way of life there, the beaches, the fresh sea air and the gorgeous views! There’s definitely a part of me that would love to move there.


Next on my list is this unicorn moneybox, I realise this may not be to everyone’s taste but I don’t care, I love a bit of unicorn chic and when I saw this I just knew I had to have it! I saw it in New Look, btw their home décor stuff is just darling! I keep it on my bedside table as a decorative piece. You know when you just really like something?


I love a lip balm, I can’t stand having dry lips and I always find that lipsticks tend to dry my lips out, so when I discovered Rimmel’s new lasting colour lip crayons I knew it was going to be love. It’s a crayon that’s easy to apply with the texture of a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and the colour of lipstick – I have a few! All different shades and I love them! The colour also lasts really well, they are by far my favourite lip product ever! (As you can tell I use them most days hence the writing being rubbed off.)


I can’t really think of anything else at the moment so those are my favourite things for August, hope you enjoyed reading about them, let me know what you’ve been loving over the past month.




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